Wednesday, 15 May 2013

three months on...

Sadly our internet is terrible - although we're grateful it's working at all given the lack of it we've seen lately, so here's an attempt at posting a picture of Lily at three months.

We've hardly had time to take any pictures lately to be honest, and are still waiting for an opportunity for a family picture - Tom fell off a tukal during the March break when I had hoped we would take some and looked like he had been in a fight with scrapes and bruises over his face and now he has eczema on his head that we are trying to treat which means he has lost a patch of hair, poor thing! So to those people that have asked, no there is still is not a single picture of the five Farrells!

So back to Lily - it is hard to believe she is three months already, and also hard to believe she is only three months! We love our little Princess, she is such a blessing to us and the boys are wonderful with her. And she loves having her Daddy and brothers home and always has smiles and giggles for them :-)

Oh and Lily has lived over half her life in Africa already, only one of two Farrells to be able to say that!

More pics will come if the internet ever co-operates!!

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Unknown said...

What a gorgeous smile! Great pic too. You are often in our prayers.