Friday, 24 May 2013

mattress shopping

I have borrowed a cot for Lily to use, but it didn't have a mattress, so we ventured out to buy one. Our first outing to the Rainbow Foam Mattress Factory, which was a bizarre, but good experience. And yes, we did come home with a mattress that fits :-)

 First you have to go to the 'showroom' to the left of this picture, choose the foam you want and give your dimensions etc. Then you pop next door where they issue an invoice. And then you go to the cashier to pay.
 Once you have your receipt you go to the factory, hand over your paperwork and then after a little wait the guy that said he was going to make it yells out of the window that he has finished and then delivers it to your car a minute later.

And while all that was happening Lily slept nicely in the sling and no one stared at me, at least no more than usual, so shopping with a baby in tow is not always bad.

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Unknown said...

Do you have pics of the well-fitted mattress you came home with? I hope you were able to get yourself a great find -- with high-quality physical component, and a back support that will help you get the best sleep. Have a good day!

Sevak Khudanyan @ Glendale Mattress