Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Entoto Maryam Church and Emperor Meneliks Palace

The entrance to Entoto Maryam Church: within the grounds of the large Orthodox church there is a museum with many historical artifacts (plus some random Olympic medals that have been donated by Ethiopian sports champions) and the old Presidential palace. Entoto was the capital of Ethiopia prior to the establishment of Addis Ababa.

 Here is the very colourful Entoto Maryam Church

 Below the church on the way to the old palace buildings you walk past these graves - we're not sure that the idea has caught on given the number of empty spaces!
 There were three buildings to the palace of Emperor Menelik- this one the bedroom I think and some rooms that were closed.
 The main part of the palace was where they would have hosted parties in the banqueting hall.
This was guest quarters next door!

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