Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Kiddus Raguel and Kiddus Elias Churches, Mount Entoto

 During the rainy season we headed up to Entoto National Park and stopped at the churches on the way.
 We stopped for a quick look inside Kiddus Raguel Church. It is quite an impressive size, given it seems to be in the middle of no-where!
 Inside there were lots of very typical Ethiopian pictures - and some slightly more surprising - like this one of St George and the dragon! The Englishman in me thought we should photograph that one.
 Josh at the entrance to the church - having survived the local bathroom experience. Don't try it.
 On the same site there is Kiddus Elias, an old rock hewn church (think cave rather than church), hidden away out of sight in one of the courtyard areas.
 Here we are, with Sarah's Uncle Mark, in the cave :-)
This is the little courtyard hiding the rock church, where people seemed to live. You can just see the posh white Church behind - quite a contrast to the scruffy little dwellings around it!


Unknown said...

I remember going there!! We loved Entoto (breathing fresher air!).... although, as you can imagine Kim insists on walking all the way up and down!!

Unknown said...

The poor old ladies carrying the wood have to walk up and down, so why not us!