Monday, 30 September 2013

Addis housing plan

 In some areas of Addis there are many condos like these - and plenty more on the way due to a new Government scheme. These type of dwellings are where the middle class might live in Addis, being in between big houses that some wealthy Ethiopians live in and the shack type housing that many poor Ethiopians live in. Tthe condos photographed are where a friend of ours lived until recently.
The Government has started a low cost housing scheme whereby people can register for a condo for the future. Banks lend some of the money towards the condo but some of the money is put down as monthly payments in advance. This new scheme may be the only way that some of the poorest people in Addis can ever hope to live in their own home as it has a tier for those with lowest income.

Registration took place over this rainy season, with queues at the banks going down the street and taking all day to successfully register for the scheme. A friend of ours currently lives with all her extended family, but went and registered for a condo a couple of months ago, she says she will have to make the monthly payments for 5 years and then she should be able to get one.

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