Saturday, 14 September 2013

out of the city to Destemender

About 20km from Bingham is Destemender - a little spot of peaceful tranquility away from the city which we visited during the rainy season break with Mark.

There is a small farm managed by women who have been unable to be helped successfully by the fistula hospital and do not wish to or can not return to their homes.

 It was really green thanks to all the rain, and the guy that ran the cafe lent the boys a football while we were waiting for some lunch.
 There is a little cafe only open on the weekends - it sells mostly pies and salad - thanks to the Australians who helped set it up and who taught the staff to make pies. We've not seen anything similar anywhere else so that made a nice change!
There are not many places where everyone is happy but I think this may be one of them! Peace and quiet, good food and a little bit of football thrown in!

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Unknown said...

Oh I LOVE that place!!!!! I remember my salad had a wonderful amount of raw garlic on it and the pie was scrummy! It felt like being in the lake district more than Addis!