Sunday, 15 September 2013

house (extremely loud) fun

This week saw another house t'shirt wearing day and some house fun. It is amazing at times to think that we have been here for a year already - but with New Year happening AGAIN and then the house spirit rally happening AGAIN, it would seem that it is true and there is something actually quite settling about that :-)
 The kids (and teachers) are in three houses - please be cheering loudly from wherever you are for Carey (yellow).

What is a spirit rally I hear you ask - well I am not entirely sure - but from what I can tell it is a time for the houses to compete against each other in fun and extremely loud fashion. This photo is of the Carey lion - each team had a pile of newspaper and had to make a lion out of one of the team-mates.

House points are collected at all sorts of fun events, sporting events and dress up activities through the year. And the boys 'know' already that Carey will be winning again this year. GO CAREY!!

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