Thursday, 12 September 2013

dirty nappies

The laundry has been a problem here for weeks now. And today I just lost it with Joshua - he'd put a dirty t'shirt in his desk and I happened to discover it. I have no idea really why it was easier for him to put it there rather than the washing basket, but there you go. Maybe it was to avoid the groaning from his mum every time she sees more washing appearing that is nearly impossible to get done! I didn't really mean to be THAT cross about a dirty t'shirt and I did apologise to him afterwards, but I think it reflects the stress of doing laundry here.

Really it is not about a dirty t'shirt in the wrong place, it is knowing that I am about to run out of clean nappies and that there is no chance of washing the t'shirt. I washed the nappies about 48 hours ago. Except the water stopped and so the washing machine stopped. Then when the water returned I tried again, and the power went off. Then I tried again when the power returned. Eventually the washing machine finally completed the wash the night before last after about 8 hours and about 6 trips to re-set the machine.

We can hang clothes outside but I am finding that at this time of year the nappies take too long to dry outside and we run out, so I have been using the dryer for them. So we were in line for the dryer and it was finally free - almost 24 hours later (thanks to having no power much of yesterday as well as other people using it)- so I put the nappies in before bed last night. This morning went to get them and found someone has taken them out still wet, and now I feel trapped here on campus to try and get them back in the dryer before we run out of clean and dry nappies rather than going out as planned.

And then we need to dry or have time to hang the clothes that we finally got washed 36 hours ago and then we need to wash the next lot of nappies that are now overflowing the bucket (but have no water) and then the clothes again...and don't even get me started on how long it's been since I washed the beds....some days living here drives me crazy.

Moan over. For now.

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