Tuesday, 17 September 2013

giant ants

Dear Friends in the UK,

In case you need something to be grateful for today, you can be thankful that you do not have army ants. They bite and hang on for dear life when you try and brush them off and make you look like a crazy person doing some kind of weird dance to remove them once you reach your destination.

Unfortunately in Ethiopia during rainy season they are out to get me every time I walk outside. Sometimes they are helpfully in lines like this so you can step over them, sometimes there are so many on the path the whole path looks black (note to self, stay home and put the kettle on next time rather than braving it, this is not brave but stupid).

Wellies offer some protection, if you don't mind people commenting on how you look like you belong on the farm. Sometimes wellies offer no protection though - this week they decided to play follow the leader through the crack in our bathroom window and the bathroom was slowly filling up with the little nasty things. Fortunately my knight in shining armour came armed with ant spray before they could get me...although he did leave them all dead in the bath - nice!

Speaking of my knight in shining armour, after sending him out to get a close up picture of the big soldier ants, he felt compelled to add this picture of what he thinks is a termite. They were in a pair slamming their heads against the mud, presumably to compact it?

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