Wednesday, 14 October 2009

boo boos and stickers

Part of learning ship lingo is learning the term boo boo, maybe it is American, maybe universal, I have no idea, but I have just never used it. Anyway a boo boo seems to be the preferred term used by the under fives for any bump, scrape, bruise etc.

Todays boo boo was not so fun for Joshua, a big heavy door had a not so pleasant interaction with his finger. Without a first aid kit consisting of more than a few plasters I took him down to the crew nurse, leaving a small trail in the corridors so that Tommy and Tom could find us where we ended up in the hospital recovery room. We were helped by some very lovely nurses who cleaned and steri-stripped his finger, and found some yellow smiley face stickers. And then we waited for antibiotics and an incident form and MORE stickers!! We are lucky to live somewhere with so many fabulous nurses on hand, they were so sweet and gentle with him - Thank you Kristin, Rachel, Esther and Judy!!

We came home and steri-stripped teddies arm, Tom gave Josh the picture he had drawn him and told him 'Joshua you were so brave' to which he replied 'yes Tom I WAS so brave'. Quite right - and modest with it apparantly. Seems to have almost forgotten the whole thing now except for being puzzled about why the bandage has to stay on his finger and is looking forward to going back to the nurse tomorrow to play the crocodile game!! I notice no one said I was brave or gave me any stickers (probably coz I wasn't, all nurse instincts leave when it's one of your own kids).

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