Saturday, 10 October 2009

Is Samuel changing?

Following on from the worrying sight of Sam (life-long West Ham fan) wearing a Chelsea kit we now have concrete evidence of a change of heart...

So who is that Sam is speaking to? None other than Ghana international, and Chelsea regular Michael Essien.

To say Sam was a bit excited would be an understatement. It turns out that the Ghana team are staying at the Benin Marina (our favourite place to swim) before playing Benin in a World Cup qualifying match tomorrow (pictures of that to follow).

One of the Mercy Shippers was speaking to their team doctor and invited them to the ship. We hope that they take up the invite to see the work being done here. A number of the crew are Ghanaian and would love to meet them. (Also the fact that Essien cost around 1/3 of the price of the ship means we wouldn't mind seeing a donation of loose change too).

Anyway, after the cruise ship yesterday this is becoming a run of surprising experiences.


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Unknown said...

who did he meet? Michael Essien? Is he the one who once scored a really good goal against Tottenham only to pale into mediocrity? Hope he left a good donation!