Friday, 9 October 2009

cruise anyone??

Look you can see us...they have a bridge-cam!!
The Tahitian Princess
Here's a post for you Dad!!

We didn't know until today that you can come to Cotonou, Benin on a cruise liner!! But you can so who fancies it? It arrived here this morning...

We saw ourselves (meaning the Africa Mercy) on the bridgecam of the Tahitian Princess on their website...was about to post the link so you could see when we realised they were sailing out of the port as I was the bridgecam now just shows a large expanse of water....but you can see the picture from earlier above...

I can't find a specifically West Africa (or even an African) cruise on their website so am assuming we were just visited by the world cruise? (Does it really count as visiting Benin being here little more than 12 hours?) I still am bewildered by the fact that anyone would voluntarily sail large distances for fun but...I would rather sail out of the Port on this ship than any we have seen - we watch ships regularly and wonder in amazement that they don't topple over due to the angles they form leaving the Port and dread (not to the point that we have lost sleep over it yet I might add) the day when we have to sail out of here - but this one hardly rocked at all!

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