Saturday, 17 October 2009


It has been a long week since we heard the news that Sarah's Grandad and our friend Hal died last Sunday. Sarah, Sam and the boys fly home tomorrow, to arrive Monday lunchtime.

In between tears Tom said '...but I wanted to see Great-Grandad at Christmas..'
I know so did we all. It is so sad having people you love so much not there any more. Our hearts are back home right now, constantly thinking of people we love, wishing Africa just wasn't quite so far away and wanting to go and give a few people a hug, but soon we will.

We live in the certainty that we will see him again, and in the meantime he is enjoying one great party with the God we are here to serve. We will miss him, but be grateful for having had such a wonderful Grandad.

Please be praying for us as we travel back overnight tomorrow, especially that the boys will sleep. We leave at 23.15 to arrive in Tripoli, Libya at 06.50 and then get our connecting flight to London at 08.30 to arrive at 11am.

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Sher Sutherland said...

I'm so sorry for all those 'left behind' but you are so right--he's just warming up the party until you arrive!

Safe travels and I pray that God's peace will transcend all those questions and sadness, especially for your little boys.