Sunday, 6 September 2009

watching footie

Yesterday we went to watch the Africa Mercy's football team play a local team. Football in Africa is taken very, VERY seriously. Our players were a little put out by the perceived need for a goalie by the other team, considering it was the size of a five a side pitch and the goal was about the size Joshua would have looked about right standing next too. But that aside there was a nice goal snuck in past the said goalie by none other than by my lovely brother, although that sadly was not enough to win! And yes our team plays in Chelsea kits - don't ask how well that went down with some people!

Our very own yovo - Uncle Sam in action
The team gathering before the matchThe incredibly luxurious seating for us spectating, bet you are jealous!

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Anonymous said...

Never did i ever think we would see the monkey boy in a CHELSEA shirt! ha ha ha!