Friday, 18 September 2009

Auntie Amy is here.. REAL LIFE!! (Tom's words not mine)

After leaving London late we all feared that she might not have enough time to make the connecting flight with only five minutes in Tripoli, Libya but we all prayed somehow she would and due to some very helpful strangers and the plane making up a few minutes en route she made it here last night as planned. After Mum's detour and overnight stay in Togo we are very glad that Amy made it safe and sound to Benin. She is feeling slightly sleep deprived, but in one piece and has been greeted with lots of hugs from the boys who are incredibly excited to see her. Now we are just praying the luggage follows tonight so that we can collect it Saturday morning.

Looking forward to lots of catching up, a fun filled week and eating Cadburys chocolate again now that a new supply has arrived!!


Anonymous said...

i'm SO excited for you all!!i hope it's an amazing time

love mumxx

Tom, Esther, Heidi, Hope, Phinehas, Hosea and John Hindle said...

Our latest supply is almost gone, eat more slowly than you would like or it's all over too quick!!:(