Thursday, 24 September 2009

Nursery field-trip

We took the nursery out today for some sensory play in some clean sand. Does that sound better than 'we went to the Beer Garden for a nursery outing today'?

The nursery: Joshua (middle), Nathanael (right), Xavier (left) digging - you can't really see just how badly the play equipment was falling apart but it didn't stop them having fun

The setting was beautiful, palm trees, comfy chairs with big cushions, cold (non beer type) drinks and MASSIVE great holes in the slide, playhouse roof etc to remind you that it is still Africa!

The three boys had a lovely time playing in the sand and pottering about while we just enjoyed having a break from the normal Thursday routine of doing pretty much nothing all day and tried not to feel guilty about escaping from the ship for a bit while everyone else was at work.

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