Monday, 7 September 2009


The best way to convince the boys to go for a walk along the sandy streets in the African heat is to mention the magic words 'fan ice'. And by that we mean wander around until we see a man in Fan Milk blue with a bike like this. I have just discovered they have a website which lists the nutritional information (not quite like nutritional information back home - there are no numbers or percentages!) so now I can convince myself that it is good for us too...

They are based in Lome, Togo where we will be living next year which is good news for all of us!

Check out their web site to see more of our favourite treat (at least in the land that does not have Cadburys chocolate...)


Anonymous said...

Oh that has got to be one of the best websites i've ever seen! 'Fanice, so nice!' 'Here's to your health'

Ha ha ha!



Anonymous said...

You have made my day! Fan Ice in TOGO too!!!! I was excited to come back to the ship but that makes it even better.