Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Academy

Here are the staff and students in the Academy on the map, students are from all over the world, although mostly Europe and North America but with some from West Africa. Quite a few have parents from different countries which makes it harder to place them on the map!

The map shows Tommy's old classroom in the top right, which is next door to our cabin. He now has to walk down the corridor into the big room with the funny shaped desks (computer lab, science lab, library) and then into the first classroom off of there...it takes about 30 seconds now rather than 10. Hard life.

It is strange having a five year old who walks himself to school and back again, (although nice not to have to leave the cabin before 8am!), both the boys have to go up to deck 7 so it takes them about a minute to walk to school, if they try and go slowly :-)

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