Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Happy survival

While working on the antenatal/postnatal ward today I looked after a woman who had a greetings card on her bed. It was from her Aunty. I copied down some of the words:

Happy Survival.
You have made it.
"to God be the glory..."

Congratulations on your survival.

I kid you not, this is actually what it said. It makes you think about the reality of life and death here. I'm pretty sure none of my Aunts would have ever considered the possibility that I wouldn't have survived childbirth and would never have seen a card like this in the shops. Let's hope one day there is no need for cards like this here in Sierra Leone either, that Aunties can stick to the 'congratulations on the birth of your baby' message instead.

I'm pleased to say everyone present at the start of the shift was still alive at the end, plus a few extra little ones who arrived fit and well somewhere during the very busy day. First thing, I looked after a lovely lady called Mabel who had her baby in the antenatal clinic room as the beds were all full. Her first baby died following a difficult birth about 18 months ago and it was a joy seeing Mabel and her proud husband take their healthy baby home.

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