Monday, 20 June 2011

a quieter life

We're now just over a week into the children's eight week break. The first day saw a bunch of families leave for their holidays and since then there has been a constant stream of goodbyes as we have seen many friends leave the ship. Last week we said goodbye to Uncle Sam and Auntie Amy along with other close friends and many of the teachers. The goodbyes continue this week (and next) with some of the other families leaving and a couple of other friends to say farewell too. There is a lot of change to cope with as we adjust to this new season of not having our ship 'family' here any more, friends who started their Mercy Ships journey with us three years ago in Texas and have been our biggest support on the ship since then. Tom's teacher of the last two years left and some of his classmates will be leaving soon so there will be some adjustment for him too.

 Having the boys home is a challenge - their energy and need to get outside frequently doesn't match particularly well with it being rainy season, living on a ship with only a small amount of space, being limited how often we can get out off the ship and with the rather green looking pool which is closed for the time being. That said we had a great first week overall, we have been working our way through craft kits and things that the boys have been given, played lots of board games, played with their friends a lot and got outside to play each day. This week the load is shared as Tommy has taken some leave and the boys are having fun playing with him and taking him to the cafe for crepes! I'm off to work tomorrow for a break!

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