Thursday, 9 June 2011

what does the last day of school look like here?

 The day starts with the 'End of year celebration'. Each child graduates to the next grade and is given a character trait which their teacher feels sums them up. Here is Josh with Miss Elizabeth.
 Mixed up in between the presentations to each grade of students are a couple of musical numbers, one of which was the song 'hop little bunnies' by the Nursery and Preschool classes.
 Tom with Miss Estelle, his teacher for the past two years who we will sadly have to say goodbye to next week.
The afternoon was a pool party and then gathering in the cafe for crepes, then a little football on deck 7 before dinner :-)

So that was the last day of school, the boys are now home for a couple of weeks before Summer Programme starts. We have a few days off together over the summer, otherwise work sort of continues as normal, minus the students! There is still plenty that needs to be done post the accreditation and babies that plan on being born to keep us busy.

Many families have left for their summer holidays today so it is quieter already. A few more families are leaving in the next couple of weeks, along with most of our teacher friends and some of the people closest to us. One week today until we have to say goodbye to Uncle Sam and Auntie Amy. It feels like the next few weeks will be constant goodbyes :-(

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