Thursday, 20 September 2012

house sports

The Bingham kids are split into three houses for sports and other fun events. Our family are in the 'Carey' house, in the yellow.

We have had one inter-house sports event so far, which was so loud you probably heard it and wondered what all the yelling was coming from this part of the world.

The kids (and lucky teachers who got to join in) had to do a variety of different events including wheelbarrow races with bananas in their mouths, passing footballs down lines of people only using their feet without it touching the floor, fish potatoes out of a bucket of water with only their mouth and carry it to the other side of the get the picture hopefully. This was not a serious sports event by any means, but was a lot of fun and it started the year off nicely for collecting house points.


Anonymous said...

are there more pictures? this one is quite boring compared with banana in the mouth wheelbarrow?!!!! i would like to see tommy in that one?

Unknown said...

There are only some blurry pictures as they were all moving so fast and my camera is not great inside anyway! I do have one of Tommy with his head in a bucket of water fishing out a potato with his mouth, but given that you can only really see his bottom I didn't think that was really appropriate content!