Saturday, 22 September 2012

Normal life - the laundry!

 Downstairs in our apartment building we have a laundry room with a communal washing machine, freezer and ironing board. Each apartment also has one of these big blue water storage tubs in case we ever loose water and need to use it for washing, cleaning etc.There is just one machine, but with only a couple of families and a couple of singles using it we don't bother with sign up sheets like on the ship, if it is being used chances are it will be free within an hour or two.

We are still in the end of rainy season and so right now we are hanging our laundry in the loft. This does mean carrying it up two flights of stairs so Tom and Josh are getting used to being my laundry helpers! It is usually pretty warm in the loft and washing dries within 24 hours even though it is rainy part of the day. There are lines outside too for when the sunshine is more reliable - hopefully soon!

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