Friday, 28 September 2012

one to make Mr C jealous AKA the school gym

Here is a shot I took of the school gym, you have to look pretty carefully to see my boys playing football. On the left there is a climbing wall, on the stage a couple of table tennis tables and some more basketball hoops out of the picture to the right.

They take sports very seriously here as do the other nearby schools, so the gym is well used. Living on campus we are able to use it whenever it is free, so we've enjoyed some indoor football while it's been rainy.

There is adult indoor football one evening a week which Tommy is enjoying, and Zumba/pilates on a Saturday which I feel currently justified in avoiding, given that I can't even walk up the hill without sounding like I ran a marathon, but it looks a lot of fun!

So Mr C. what do you think?? I'll show you a picture of the football field and running track if the gym isn't torture enough for you....

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