Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pictures from Tommy (one for Roger)

It has been really fun taking pictures of the various different plants and birds that we have seen here. Am happy to spring for Coffee for any positive identifications of species!

Some flowers from our weekend in Bobagaya:

We saw many birds by the lake there, including a kingfisher - not great pictures but I was pleased to get any at all:

A Random bird with my camera on the wrong settings (ISO 1600!!!)

A Crane(?):

The next pictures all came from our balcony. There are lots of exotic birds around here:

And finally, one for Roger. It was quite small - maybe around an inch across:


The Koontz Family said...

How 'bout I just tell you they look great and you buy me coffee for being a nice guy? Of course, I don't know the first thing about photography. I thought ISO 1600 was a maritime regulation. They do look great, though (except that grainy one of the random bird on the wrong setting).

Okay, enough cheekiness from me. Miss you guys but so pleased that you are enjoying this new venture that the Lord has sent you on.

- Peter (just in case you couldn't figure out that Dara would never write something so glib)

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure Peter will be cross when he finds out you were writing under his name, Dara!

Seriously, good to hear from you. Saw your post about taking offence - praying for you all on the ship that you will not chew each other's heads off!!!

The Koontz Family said...

Hey, what about the coffee!!!???

No chewing around here, we just bite and swallow.

Seriously, though, things are going well and I'm the one that needs the work, not everyone else. It's still a great place to live and we cherish community even when it's tough.

In other news...the column on the right side of your blog still says you're in England and preparing to go to Ethiopia. Hmmmm.

Unknown said...

We could probably spring you a nice spiced chai but you have to positively identify one of the pictures to get the coffee - sorry, but them's the rules!

There will be loads of other chances to get the coffee, though, you just have to keep checking back on the blog :-)

We miss you guys lots!

Unknown said...

These photos are absolutely amazing! We all LOVED going to Bubaguya (can't remember how to spell that), isn't it just stunning? Glad you enjoyed it and had a chance to relax a little...
love from Cambridge!
Fiona x