Friday, 1 August 2014

Two years at Bingham

It was two years ago that we moved to Bingham Academy in Ethiopia. As we are welcoming new staff it is strange to look back and see how life has changed in the two years. It is hard to imagine those first months before Lily was even born, of trying to work out how to survive and later how to move past simply surviving.

I remember being totally overwhelmed at the thought of grocery shopping, getting lost on campus trying to make it to someones house for dinner, learning how to bleach fruit and vegetables, starting to learn Amharic (still trying with this one but can say hello at least)....

There are still very real challenges to living here, yet it is sometimes good to look back and remember how far we have come and the new friends and other blessings that God has put in our lives here for this season.

Here's to the next two years and beyond!

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