Saturday, 30 May 2009

Buying fabric

Last weekend we ventured out to buy fabric - to a street lined with shops selling nothing but fabric. They are all in neat piles on shelves around the walls and if you looked even briefly at something the assistants remove the fabric from the pile and unravel it for you to look at, even if you decided that you really were not interested and had moved on to look at something else. If you say you don't like something they then start finding other random fabric to show you, usually nothing at all like the one you were interested in. I got offered some strange plasticy burnt orange tablecloth material when I had been looking at some blue patterned African fabric!!! Strangely enough I didn't buy it. Anyway, we managed to find fabric to create skirts and found Sam some West Ham coloured fabric (not to turn into a skirt!). The dinner with the President of Benin has been postponed so we have a bit more time now to have a further look and find a fabric for the whole family to get matching outfits as is the custom here!! As you can imagine Tommy is not loving that idea, but if we ever get it done we will post a photo for everyones amusement!! The fabric above will hopefully start looking a bit more like a skirt soon!


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Anonymous said...

that looks quite moderate as far as table cloths go ;)
love lynn x