Sunday, 10 May 2009

We made it!!!

We thought you should know that we have survived a few days with Daddy away (he will write about it when he has unpacked - he is pretty busy and tired so that might take a couple of days!!).

It might not sound like a big deal, but this was an achievement for lots of reasons, a few of which are....

1. Usually Nanny comes to stay and Helen is just around the corner if Daddy needs to go anywhere, but it was a bit far to expect them to travel so we braved it alone
2. We had *** tantrums (we would like to give you an accurate number here but lost count) which was not pretty but our friends are still speaking to us
3. Mummy managed to put Tom on the toilet each night (involving climbing up to the top bunk and lifting him down and the more challenging task of returning him to the top bunk afterwards!)

We are very glad Daddy is home. And we are glad we have nice friends who had us play with them while Mummy did the boring things like the washing, friends who came and played with us and bigger friends who sat with us while Mummy got food from the dining room and who came out for a walk with us to find Fan Ice.

Tom and Joshua

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