Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Swimming in the rain

At the weekend we went swimming to spend a bit of time together and with our friends. It started raining a short time after we arrived and didn't really ever stop, but we stayed there for almost 6 hours. It was still warm enough to swim outside, the pavements didn't burn our feet, we didn't get sunburnt and no one else wanted to go swimming so we had the pools to ourselves. While we wouldn't necessarily choose to rush back next time it rains it was quite fun, maybe less so if you were trying to read a book or sun-bathe, but as children prohibit you from sitting down more than a few seconds it didn't make too much difference!

We all got some goggles in the post today so hopefully we can go and try them out soon!! Thanks Mum!! The boys are wearing theirs in the cabin - strange sight!!

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