Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Teachers for next year

It is looking good for teachers next year, Nikki the principal will remain here along with 6 teachers from this year. They are Tommy, Miss Amy - Sam's girlfriend who will move from grade 5 to 3, Miss Elizabeth - Toms current teacher who will teach pre-school again, Mrs Robinson (Kim) - who teaches high school English and Bible and Miss Estelle who will move from grade 3/4 to teach Tom in Kindergarten!! Tom is very excited to have Estelle next year - we look forward to seeing if he picks up any South African expressions or accent!! They will have 3 new teachers join them after they complete the Gateway training in Texas in the summer.

The Academy still needs a high school social studies teacher to complete the team, so keep praying for one to come. Thanks!! It would be great to have a full team as the Academy gets closer to gaining their accreditation and the teachers have even more work to do!

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