Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Fondation Zinsou

Today we visited the Collection Neurs Heritages Africans du Benin, a collection of Ancient and Contempory African Art. It was sponsored by a range of businesses, mostly banks, and as admission was free we thought might be worth spending a few minutes there. Sam was initially not very keen on coming to an Art exhibition/museum, but muttered something about a possible return visit after seeing an incredible model football pitch - all made of junk - old toothbrushes, bottle tops, mini drink bottles, phone cards. It was very well done, there was the right number of players in matching kits, with a referee and subs benches and supporters all around in the stands, all made from rubbish!

We would have taken more photos - the one above is the only one we took before the man told us we couldn't take any more! Which explains why there is a photo with Joshua covered in chocolate ice cream - its the only one we have but hopefully gives you an example of the African Art! It was pretty impressive - but also totally bizarre hidden amongst a little street of market stalls.


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Unknown said...

It looks like Josh has started potty training and had a little accident!! Bless.