Sunday, 14 March 2010

auctions and pink bows

Last night was the memorable 'Auction of Dreams'. The Academy teachers are hoping to go to the International Christian Educators conference at Easter (Yep in just a couple of weeks). This would be really beneficial for them as we seek our acreditation with ACSI, to be able to meet other teachers who have been through the process as well as attending some training and professional development sessions to improve their teaching.

They need to raise $7500 for their travel expenses, the conference costs have already been met and they have to pay for their own visas.

You could have been the winning bidder for a package of babysitting sessions, have baked goods delivered to your door fresh from the oven, hired a maid for the day or had a weeks holiday in South Africa. Tommy is cooking an Italian meal for 10 in a function room on the ship. If you weren't here you missed out.

I have to admit leaving the auction early. We have one of those rare breeds of children who actually ask to go to bed, an hour late already he decided it was time he went. So I missed some of the interesting bidding. The last lot was an auction of Ben, one of the teachers - to his suprise. The money went up slowly until there was bids for him to shave his head, beard and legs. Then Tommy was thrown into the bidding too to push the bid to $1000! When I returned to the cafe I was informed Tommy will soon have no hair and be wearing a pink bow on his head. And no they weren't joking.

The good news was that thanks to many very generous people who had a lot of fun bidding the teachers are well on the way having raised over $4000. We still need to raise a bit more so how much will anyone give me for a photo of Tommy with no hair and a pink bow??

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Anonymous said...

can't wait to see those pics on the blog! You will have to work out a special temporary pay-to-view section :)
Lynn x