Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The dream is becoming a reality

I just realised that we never updated you all since posting about the auction of dreams....well in a period of 7 days the teachers raised the $8500 they needed to go to the conference in Kenya. There are some very generous people here and the teachers are very grateful to them! They will be leaving next Wednesday and will return on Easter Monday. Please think of them and keep them in your prayers over the next few weeks, they are so busy with everyday work, a training course they are doing on Tuesday evenings, accrediatation reading and paperwork, designing curriculums, getting ready for the high school retreat (the weekend after Kenya)....

The conference is from 7am to 9pm each day, and these ship holidays would have been the teachers only days off (besides weekends which most of them work much of anyway) between the Christmas break and the Summer break, they really need some strength to get through this!

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