Friday, 12 March 2010

our new toy

We now have a working room thermometer again :-)

To be honest it doesn't really make much difference, we can estimate the temperature. It ranges from being too uncomfortable to possibly wear jeans (well any clothes really but you have to be careful with that living communally and when you have children who unlock the door and let people in when you are in the shower)  to the warm but bearable, jeans probably still not the greatest idea, but I am going to wear them anyway as the 3/4 length trousers are still a little tight :-0

Last year it was always ridiculously hot, to be honest it was the only complaint about our cabin, we love it. This year it is a little cooler which we are pleased about. The third fan followed the steps of the fourth fan and died so it is just as well it is cooler, it jumped off the table one too many times during the sail, it was pretty determined that was the way to go.

In case you wonder, 5.30pm: 28.0 degrees centigrade. Curtains closed during the morning to keep the sun out and the two surviving fans on 24-7. So not exactly cold just yet, but a good couple of degrees cooler than last time we had a working room thermometer!

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Unknown said...

we like cool!!!! Not hot!!! Come on the cool!!!