Wednesday, 10 March 2010

the stuff we don't see

There is so much we don't see of what goes on here, down on deck 3. On weeks like this one that feel like work is 24-7 it is great to hear the stories of some of our patients. Of the pure joy that is experienced and expressed just a couple of decks away because someone has just had surgery that might just change their life forever. I know I am linking to someone elses blog again but you will want to read this blog I promise. It is about one of the babies that has been on the feeding programme to get big enough for a cleft lip repair :-)

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Anonymous said...

oh that made me cry! but what a great account of what Mercy ships (and you!!!) are doing.
Thankyou and keep linking to other people's blogs for as long as they let you :)
Lynn xxxxxxxx