Friday, 23 April 2010

British grub

Happy St Georges Day!! We have enjoyed a roast dinner and meeting up with the other Brits for Britsh snacks and puddings. There are just so many great puddings and things that we didn't know what to make and I have ended up feeling very hungry all week as I have discovered all sorts of great receipes this week that I had forgotten about or am now convinced that our kids have to try (because I want to make them all)!! Having a very special little helper with me (who managed to hide behind a fridge at one point, causing me to turn off the oven and go in search of him thinking he had left the crew galley) we decided to go with something easy - jam tarts. Apparantly they are too difficult for us though, not helped by there not being any cookie cutters or keep having to re-roll the pastry due to the special helper helping make holes in the middle of the pastry or my receipe failing to say what temperature they should be cooked at, but whatever we did wrong they were really not great! Obviously we both had to try one to confirm the suspicion formed by looking at them that they were not great, by which point the special helper was watching a DVD and probably didn't really notice what it tasted like or even know what it should have tasted like to protest that they were not like Delia Smith would make. Fortunatley we had made some flapjack too for the weekend, needless to say that went to the gathering and the jam tarts will be polished off here tomorrow no doubt :-)

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