Friday, 9 April 2010

Sierra Leone

I just read this:

"We are thrilled to announce that our Founder, Don Stephens, and Swiss Board Member, Pierre Christ, have just departed Sierra Leone with a signed protocol. This now opens the door for our advance team to begin preliminary work for the ship to conduct our 2011 Field Service in Freetown, Sierra Leone!"

I know most folk back home know that we were excited to hear the news that provisionally we are heading to Sierra Leone next year. Well now the protocol is signed and things are starting to be prepared.

We are excited to meet up with Mike and Vi, friends from our home Church as well as check out the midwifery opportunities working with Katie, another friend in Freetown setting up a maternity centre. It will be exciting to see the fistula hospital where our friends Dave and Helen worked before moving on to a hospital in Uganda that we heard stories from. Tommy met someone at the conference last week who is going to put him in touch with someone there too and there is an International school we may be able to link the Academy with in some way, we'll see! Exciting stuff!

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