Friday, 16 April 2010

honouring your promises AKA going bald

What can we say - the day came, it had to, but took a while what with the travels and activities of the last few weeks since the Auction of Dreams that we had tried to hide the thought away for a bit. Yesterday was the day, which had had enough drama already to be honest, but a promise is a promise. I have possibly never heard so much laughter, so at least a few people were entertained as the hairdresser Paul did his work, and the people who had bid so generously got what they bid for - pink bows and all! To be honest it was good that he shaved half of it first - now we know there is worse than losing all your hair - losing half of it and aging by about 40 years all in a matter of minutes. And after the day we'd already had things were put into perspective significantly and losing hair really is not a big deal.

Here is a guide to hair removal...
Find a comfy chair, a willing and humourous hairdresser and a few people who need a good laugh
have half your hair removed, age about 40 years in 2 minutes
leave a little bit at the back til last, just for fun

remove the last bits of facial hair, add a pink bow that a so called 'friend' so kindly donated and then deny it all happened, eat ice cream and hope you are invisible :-)

The boys were asleep so saw their bald Dad for the first time this morning. Josh spent a minute or so just touching Tommys head and then later told Sarah maybe she should shave her head too (would take a LOT more money I promise you). Tom told him to wear a hat - or else everyone would laugh at him. It might be a little late for that judging by the number of people around last night!

So there you have it. The promised photos...I have the video too so the boys can watch it sometime, if we can ever bring ourselves to watch it. So the next Auction promise we need to fulfil is the Italian dinner tomorrow and then hopefully things will quieten down and the boys will get to see their Dad again, if they still recognise him after the last few weeks of trips and meetings. And you never know - he might actually have a minute one day to blog about what he has been so busy doing but don't hold your breath ;-)


Shirley said...

What a way to take a hit for the team! You're a brave man Tommy, and you are an even braver woman Sarah to let him do that!

Anonymous said...

Good on 'ya! were in VERY good hands...Paul is my nephew, and the best hairdresser/barber I have ever known...and when on form, hilarious to boot! it couldn't have been too painful to endure! I served on the ANA for 13 months and on AFM while she was being refurbished in Newcastle...happy memories! Just remember this...'this too shall pass'....but I think you look pretty cool bald!! Diane