Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter is such a celebration and we are blessed to be able to celebrate it with lots of friends here. Although we did pass on the 5.30am sunrise celebration (not brace enough to face the day alone with the kids after getting them up that early!) we made it to the 8am service, followed by a wonderful Easter brunch. It was so exciting to have a variety of fruit - Josh just wanted to eat grapes!

Tonight we are excited to be having fish and chips - in memory of the arrival of the Ship in Newcastle 11 years ago on Easter Sunday. It was just after the Ship had been purchased and it had been taken there for the renovations. The only place open to get food was fish and chips!

The boys were thrilled to see their Easter baskets outside the door filled with sweets and chocolate, but I think they understand now that Easter is so much more than chocolate. I hope yours is too.

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