Monday, 26 April 2010


I headed off this weekend with Sam, Amy, Miriam, Natalie and Ben a couple of hours north of Lome to Kpalime (to where Tommy had already been on the high school retreat a few weeks back). We swam in the waterfall, explored the town, ate fan ice outside the fan ice building and wandered the markets in search of football shirts. I was introduced to a weird but hilarious game where I was a mutant needing to kill monsters or something, I really enjoyed eating off the ship for a change and survived the weekend without a single mosquito bite! So here are some pics of what we got up to in and around the town:

 Where we stayed (Sam having his finger dressing changed)
On the way to the town - yep 42 degrees!!
Eating fan milk seemed like the thing to do here (me, Ben, Amy, Sam, Miriam, Natalie not in this pic)
The out of place but very pretty church 
the streets of Kpalime looked like this - this was just a few metres away from the rather fancy church!

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