Saturday, 31 January 2009

At sea, day 1

The first afternoon of sailing has been fun, we have both struggled to stay awake thanks to the sea sickness medication but otherwise really enjoyed being at sea. It is pretty smooth, although the ship is rolling from side to side. While we were at dinner it rolled quite a bit at one point, everyone grabbed their drink and plate and the bin moved across the floor! Nothing has flown around the cabin yet that we are aware of so that's good!

We spent some time on the bow, which is normally closed when in dock. It was awesome to see lots of dolphins swimming and jumping right next to the ship, and then we were able to watch the sun as it set. I saw a whale earlier too, so a pretty exciting first day at sea!!

Thanks to all who are thinking of us as we sail and praying against the sea sickness, we are faring quite well, just some nausea before dinner - much better than previous sailing experience!


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Unknown said...

wow that all sounds amazing Sarah - Miss you guys!