Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Tom started school yesterday, school starts at 8am but fortunately it is only up one deck to his class room. There will be 8 children in his class taught by Mrs Elizabeth, a friend of ours from Gateway/Texas. They are learning about 'things that go' this week and Tom is looking forward to having a show and tell time on Friday. Tom really enjoyed the 'silly dance' as anyone that knows him can well imagine! He seemed pretty happy going to and returning from school so that is a good start.

Tom wants to know when the container is arriving, and asks us about 20 times a day (at least) so we are really hoping it arrives here before we leave. Then the boys will have a few more things to play with, otherwise I might have to find a train track here as it is proving hard to live without....bringing lego (because it was small) was a good idea for Tom, but with Joshua not really having things to play with yet, most of the the lego has been taken apart and needs some rebuilding before they can play with it!

Tom is enjoying having bunk beds and sleeping well in general, which we are very thankful for, he is not so keen to go to sleep if we have friends in our cabin and the fake snoring can get pretty loud.


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