Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Starting work

Tommy is so excited to be working again!! School doesn't start back until next Monday so he has been busy getting ready, planning lessons, ordering a few bits and pieces to come over with family next week. He is keen to get his ship driving test done while we are still in Tenerife so we hope that might be possible soon.

We are grateful that Tommy's work hours have been flexible enough this week so that I have been able to visit our friend Amy in hospital and catch a lift to the supermarket! Thanks to all who knew about Amy and have been praying, hopefully she will return to the ship today - yeh!



Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what the ship driving test is?

Samuel Slennett, said...

sounds interesting that driving test!

how far does tommy have to drive the ship to pass?

and i guess more importantl why are they letting him drive it in the first place?