Monday, 26 January 2009

My first day at school...

I met my students for the first time in class today. I am trying to make sure I use all of the right words for everything - Junior High, Grade 7, Social Studies, Math(s) and so on.

The students are great - I was really impressed by their keeness (and their willingness to put up with a new teacher who keeps asking them strange questions!). I have a junior High (Grades 6-8 (yr 7-9)) World History class which will be interesting!!!

I'm looking forward to settling in and really having fun learning with the students. The sail date is still a bit vague at the moment but I think this time next week I'll be teaching on a ship at sea - so I hope the seasickness is not too severe.

Thanks for your prayers, everyone, it has been a pretty smooth transition so far and I hope I can really help to give these students the education they deserve.


(Sorry for no pics so far, it is really difficult to upload pictures over our internet connection. I will try to get some up sometime this week.)

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