Thursday, 22 January 2009

a mini sailing experience

This afternoon we sailed across the dock to stay in a different berth until tomorrow. Tommy got to help move the land rovers which caused Joshua great concern as we started moving away from the dock with Tommy still there! Anyway, he seemed to understand that Daddy was driving to wherever we were going and was otherwise pretty oblivious to the whole thing as he continued driving the cars and tractors on deck 7! Tom was at a birthday party - I dropped him while we were on one dock and by the time I collected him an hour later we we in the new spot so I have no idea whether he even noticed either or whether he was more focused on eating cake!

Anyway, moving the landrovers means Tommy has completed his ship driving test, which in turn means he can sign out the vehicles to use for a few hours and that he can be called on for airport runs etc. And no, he cannot drive the ship [thanks for the comments/emails about that :-)], I think the captain pilots the ship and seems pretty good at it so I think we'll leave him to it!


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