Friday, 5 June 2009

End of year celebration

Today is the last day of school!!!!

This morning the children paraded in to the International Lounge and were given a character trait that describes them and Bible verse. Tom's class sang the colours of the rainbow and 'if all the raindrops...' in quite a shy fashion, probably not very much like the practice runs in pre-school (I'm guessing knowing how lively they are usually!). We saw performances from the music group and choir and watched a video of photo highlights from the year (we have the extended version which I'm sure Tom will be pleased to show anyone at Christmas!!). The children then graduated and introduced as the new class of the grade above! Tom is now in Kindergarten. He has been bringing his 'work' home all week, mostly a lovely collection of his drawings of ships - various pirate ships and lots of the Africa Mercy including one of us crashing into an iceberg!! He has been given a picture with photos of his class throughout the year that they have all signed, which is very sweet - Thanks Miss Elizabeth and Miss Sandy.

Tom then wanted to come straight home and play lego, he didn't seem all that phased by any of it, or the thought of moving to Kindergarten, except that he mentions occasionally he doesn't want to move up as he will have less time to play lego! This afternoon they are having a pool party, games and ice cream on deck 7 and 8. think what in the world we are going to do for two weeks with Tom home...other than play lego all the time...

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