Tuesday, 16 June 2009

we waited...apparently in the wrong airport...

and waited......and waited (thanks to a rather helpful Information desk telling us un-true information that the plane had arrived but was taxi-ing around the airport due to the heavy rain). Electricity in the airport went on and off randomly, the boys fell asleep, we waited some more...and then we got the call to say someone else on the plane had phoned the ship to say they had landed in Togo. No announcements at the airport, still no helpful information from the apparently unhelpful information desk when we asked for an update. The airline office eventually confirmed that they had gone to Lomé because of the rain and was unsure whether they would try and fly on in the night so we left Sam and some friends there to meet them should they arrive later and brought the boys home (after paying about £1 for a few hours airport parking - now that would not happen back home!!).

Today the boys are maintaining their excitement as we plan to go and meet the flight which is coming in at 2.15pm, they have already been discussing amongst themselves the need to borrow the orange hats again. As for the rest of us we are all rather tired and will be glad to have Mum here later, although we might need to show her straight to her bed. We are amused that Mum is having an adventure and has been to Togo before us, I'm guessing she might not be seeing it in the same light after leaving home at 4am yesterday :-)

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