Sunday, 7 June 2009

Marche Dantokpa

View of market from a bridge
Stall of Benin football shirts - we looked for a small one for Toms football mad best friend Ben but they don't come small enough so I took a picture for Ben - hope you like it!

According to the guide book the huge Dantokpa Market is 'perhaps the number one attraction' in Cotonou. It is the largest market in the country apparantly where 'you can find everything that you ever wanted as well as many things that you didn't'. I went there with friends in search of fabric, as this is the best place to buy small quantities as many of the fabric stalls outside the market will only sell you 6 or 12 yards. It was very hectic but after passing a lot of women selling soap and plastic hair accessories we found the fabric street, did not acquire a friend who wanted to be our 'guide' and found our way out again! All in all a good first experience! And we now have fabric for a family outfit -watch this space!!

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Unknown said...

ben says : 'thank you for the picture of the football shirts!'