Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Welcome Nanny!!

After collecting some extra stamps in her passport and trying a little hotel stay in Togo, Nanny has made it to Cotonou! The boys finally got to wear their high visibility vests and Mercy Ships Airport caps to meet her. We have been reminded of our arrival to the ship- the need to have crew photo ID made the minute you walk up the gangway irregardless of what state you might be in, and then having to fill out endless forms and walk around 7 of the 8 decks of the ship on the compulsory tour whilst thinking you are so tired you might not remember any of it by the next morning. Fortunately for Nanny there are a couple of small people who will more than happy to take her wherever she needs to go :-)



Anonymous said...

that's great news! hope you all have a fab time and your mum rests well.
love lynn x

Unknown said...

so glad she is there - I love the photos of the boys waiting at the airport. Were Tommy and Sam really asleep??? Have fun with your Mum. wish it was me visiting!! Love you lots Helen xxxxxxx