Monday, 22 June 2009

Wearing scrubs again...

...and it feels good!!

I am now working in admissions as a nurse while Mum is here looking after the boys. It is a little strange as I am sure any nurse must feel when they arrive. Although the job is pretty straightforward it is like moving hospitals - getting used to different paperwork, finding where things are kept and what a typical day is like.

And then there are other differences - remembering that abbreviations mean different things in different countries and different specialities (eg. IOL no longer being Induction of Labour but Intra Occular Lens, whatever one of them might be!!), the scrubs not being reversible (as I discovered today when I put mine on inside out!!), not being able to speak the language of the patients and having to take blood from babies and children not just pregnant women - not a fun task as you can imagine - the poor terrified little things come to this strange place and then are poked about with my stethoscope and then pricked for their blood sample :-(

I am working with some lovely nurses from Switzerland, Australia and the United States and some local translators. I am listening to people speak French (and Fon, Yoruba, Bariba and a few other things!!) all day long so will hopefully have the chance to practice my French a bit too. Hopefully after Mum leaves I can work in Admissions while Joshua is in nursery from August.

I'll keep you posted with how it goes!!


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chief said...

Hi Farrells!

Saw your entry on my blog (jesusandclio) and answered it. Good to hear from you!